Hello World

Celebrating my birthday in style. Here my lovely hosts magnificently fete me. Blew out all my candles at fun dinner at the top of CN Tower overlooking Toronto Island and the city center.

Made a wish.

Achieved a whole new perspective!

Renewed, I am exploring this new person I have become and so I am prompted to begin this blog. Lots to say and show you.

My art is new and refreshed by my new friends and experiences.

Let me tell the world and show it in my new mixed media art how good it feels to be set up in my art studio with inks, oils, acrylics and inspiring new tools colours and substrates. Now able to share my joy living so well in such a dynamic city center……… energetic ever changing septuagenarian woman….. growing and learning …creating fresh powerful images in a marvellously changing world.



Goodness and light abounds.